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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to create a poplist item in OAF

To create a poplist item, you need a VO which would display the values in the poplist. Lets say we want to display a poplist which would display the values "Yes", "No" in the poplist.

  • Create a VO which would bring these values from the FND_LOOKUP_VALUES
    Add this new VO to the main AM

  • To use this VO, Create a new item in the Main Page with the Item Style as "MessageChoice"
  • Item Id: EnabledFlag
  • Select the appropriate data type
    Picklist View Instance:.EnabledFlagVO1 (This is the instance which populates the values in the
    Picklist Display Attribute: Meaning (This is the attribute from Poplist VO which would display
                                                the value in poplist
    Picklist Value Attribute: Code (This is the attribute value you would like to save in the database for
                                              for the main page)
    View Instance: This is the view instance of the Main Page from poplist item is being used.
    View Attribute: This is the attribute which would hold the value we chose from the poplist.
  • If you want to have a blank value displayed in the poplist, Set the "Add Blank Value" in the item properties to True.
  • If you want to display a specific value initially in the poplist when page is rendered.
    Set that value attribute in the "Initial Value" property.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hiding Re-Assign Button and Keeping the Vacation Rules intact in Approval Notifications

We had a requirement where in we need to hide the Re-Assign button in the PO Requisition Approval Notifications. We have added a new attribute #HIDE_REASSIGN in the workflow approval notification and set the attribute type as look-up and it default value to 'Y'. When we did this, vacation rules were not working as #HIDE_REASSIGN property will over-write the vacation rules for the users. Users will not be able to Delegate or Transfer the Notification. To handle this, we have changed the Attribute type to Text and the Constant value as 'B'. This solved the issue.