Thursday, September 12, 2013

FND_REQUEST.ADD_LAYOUT for Setting Layout options for a Concurrent Request

Using FND_REQUEST.SUBMIT_REQUEST, Concurrent Request can only be submitted as a request and any layout options or print options cannot be added to the request. To be able to set the layout options for a request a separate function FND_REQUEST.ADD_LAYOUT needs to be called before calling the SUBMIT_REQUEST. This will be useful while calling a XML Publisher Report Concurrent Program is being submitted from another Program.

fnd_request.add_layout (template_appl_name   => 'Template Application',
                                             template_code        => 'Template Code',
                                             template_language    => 'en', --Use language from                   template definition
                                             template_territory   => 'US', --Use territory from template definition
                                             output_format        => 'PDF' --Use output format from template definition


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