Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to create a poplist item in OAF

To create a poplist item, you need a VO which would display the values in the poplist. Lets say we want to display a poplist which would display the values "Yes", "No" in the poplist.

  • Create a VO which would bring these values from the FND_LOOKUP_VALUES
    Add this new VO to the main AM

  • To use this VO, Create a new item in the Main Page with the Item Style as "MessageChoice"
  • Item Id: EnabledFlag
  • Select the appropriate data type
    Picklist View Instance:.EnabledFlagVO1 (This is the instance which populates the values in the
    Picklist Display Attribute: Meaning (This is the attribute from Poplist VO which would display
                                                the value in poplist
    Picklist Value Attribute: Code (This is the attribute value you would like to save in the database for
                                              for the main page)
    View Instance: This is the view instance of the Main Page from poplist item is being used.
    View Attribute: This is the attribute which would hold the value we chose from the poplist.
  • If you want to have a blank value displayed in the poplist, Set the "Add Blank Value" in the item properties to True.
  • If you want to display a specific value initially in the poplist when page is rendered.
    Set that value attribute in the "Initial Value" property.


  1. Hi,

    Very nicely explained. Thanks for the blog.
    I followed these steps and at the end, I got a warning message which reads as below:

    Warning: The "View Instance" property on item "/XXADITYA/oracle/apps/po/UNSPSC/webui/unspsc_catalog_pg.DebugFlg" has been set to "debugFlgVO1", but the corresponding "View Attribute" property has not been set. Please set this property on the item.

    Please help me fix this issue. Thanks

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